Blue Sky Academy’s secondary division (from grade 6 to grade 9) is designed to help students gain more in-depth academic knowledge and enhance their physical, emotional, interpersonal and intellectual strength. The program combines the standard courses required by the Ministry of Education and additional subjects taught in English by our experienced teachers according to the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) standards. Blue Sky Academy periodically organizes the Cambridge Checkpoint Exam for all of our students.


Secondary National Programme

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The National Secondary Programme is an optimal version. The programme is streamlined and applies Active Learning Method to maximize positive, proactive and creative qualities of secondary school students. As a result, students learn a series of skills such as calculating, logical reasoning, analyzing,...

The learning outcomes of BSA students are recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and have equal validity with those in the top public schools of the national education system. Secondary Cambridge Academic Program

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This is the most popular and challenging academic program in the world for junior secondary students, comprising of 4 subjects: Math, English, Science, Information and Communication Technology. Specially, students will be given an opportunity to explore an additional language Chinese.

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The programme continues to be refined to offer students skills for effective teamwork and communication, methods for expressing opinions and using the English language in accordance with the academic context and life.

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At the end of grade 9, students sit for Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint exam administered by the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE) with validity of a lifetime, which enables students to transfer to English medium secondary schools worldwide.

Comprehensive Development Programme

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The Comprehensive Development Programme at BSA provides alternative learning oppoturnities for students through a variety of activities supporting the comprehensive development of both physical and aesthetic talent as well as necessary life skills.

Why parentsshould choose BSA

  • Exceptional facilities for active learning: Our outstanding facilities are the perfect environment for learning, but they were designed with so much more in mind. Our learning environment constantly challenges students to think independently and creatively, cultivating active and agile learners who can flourish in any environment.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced teachers: We hand-select teachers with a strong background in British education and a track record of inspiring children to succeed, so that your child receives the best possible educational opportunities. All of our educators, international and Vietnamese, have teaching qualifications from leading educational institutions and undergo professional development in Vietnam and abroad. Our Vietnamese and international teachers collaborate closely in shared planning and cross-language topics to accelerate language acquisition in both English and Vietnamese for our students.
  • Education beyond the classroom: Learning is a constant process that happens in the classroom and beyond. Children and parents love BSA because our extra curricular activities inspire confident, lifelong learning. BSA students have the opportunity to take part in residential excursions and day-trips, sports, performing arts, community service and a range of other academic or non-academic activities in Vietnam, across Asia and around the world.
  • Parent connection: BSA pay close attention to the connection with parents. Besides the daily diary and quick meeting everyday, the appointment with parents in each academic year allows Vietnamese and expat teachers to update students’ health, performance and psychophysiology.
  • Personalised learning approach and assessment: Personalised learning is at the heart of the British Vietnamese International School, Ho Chi Minh City. We treat your child as an individual by adapting to their personal learning preferences, strengths, and areas for growth. We focus on how your child develops; we recognise that every child is different but should be treated equally. Your child's teacher will plan personalised, engaging and inspiring learning experiences to allow your child to develop their interests and meet the curriculum objectives for their age.
  • Physical care: BSA provides students with convenient and safe facilities for all resting, hygiene, playing or studying activities to ensure their health and good physical development. Nutritious meals strictly meet all the standard of food safety.
  • Medical care: Besides the periodical medical such as general check-up, dental check-up, eye check-up or obesity screening,… the medical staff at BSA takes daily care of students’ health.

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