Vision - Mission and Core Values


Vision - Mission and Core Values


Blue Sky Academy was established to build a world-class education system that is both innovative and standardized across all levels of education, from kindergarten to high school. is vision was based on the modern educational philosophy that a foundation of scientific research, humane value and the long-lasting values of Vietnam can further enhance our students’ education. 

For the next ten years, Blue Sky Academy is committed to establishing a stronger foothold in the league of modern, high-quality private institutions in the country. Furthermore, Blue Sky Academy will continue to grow with an international and integrative mindset, to collaborate with and stand next to the great counterparts in the region and the world. 


To educate a world-class generation of Vietnamese students who possess scientific knowledge on par with students in developed countries. Blue Sky Academy students will develop a deep understanding of traditional values, practical living skills and righteous points of view. They will hold responsibilities of what are expected in global citizens, with the courage and confidence needed to integrate into a global collaboration. 

Philosophy & Pathway to Success :

Blue Sky Academy believes that empowering our students to absorb knowledge and sharpen their skills will create an organic relationship between school, family and society.

Effective learning is closely tied to a sense of responsibility, respect for diversity, cooperation between one student and another, and cooperation between students and teachers.

In order to harmoniously grow, students must be challenged in realistic situations to enhance their awareness and problem-solving skills, forming a strong basis for lifetime learning.

Teachers are the designers, consultants, and supporters of students’ learning experiences. Their support encourages imagination, creativity and reasoning skills which allows students to make their own decisions with a positive attitude and sense of responsibility. Teachers are strong examples for our students, encouraging learning, researching and living outside of the classroom.

Blue Sky Academy students learn a curriculum that combines the Ministry of Education and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) standards, including Cambridge Primary (5-11 years old) and Cambridge Secondary 1 (11-14 years old), starting out with English, Math, Science and heading towards more subjects under the Cambridge IGCSE (14-16 years old) program. 

Core Values:

Blue Sky Academy’s education system is based on UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Learning:

  • Learning to know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to live together
  • Learning to be

With an aim to develop:

  • A well-rounded citizen who has a good knowledge base Intellectual capacity and language capability to integrate into global education
  • The ability to present, lead and coordinate
  • Confidence, dynamics, and the desire to succeed in life Integrity, respect for themselves and for others Responsibility for themselves, family, and society. 

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