Secondary Division (from grade 6 to grade 9)


Secondary Division (from grade 6 to grade 9)

Secondary Division (From grade 6 to grade 9)

Blue Sky Academy’s secondary division is designed to help students gain more in-depth academic knowledge and enhance their physical, emotional, interpersonal and intellectual strength. The program combines the standard courses required by the Ministry of Education and additional subjects taught in English by our experienced teachers according to the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) standards. Blue Sky Academy periodically organizes the Cambridge Checkpoint Exam for all of our students.

At Blue Sky Academy, students can access the library, which is fully equipped with laptops. All science classes are taught in our brand new science lab, complete with modern facilities. During the 2014-2015 academic year, Blue Sky Academy will welcome its first 6th-grade class. The beginning of the sixth grade at Blue Sky Academy will allow our students to continue from kindergarten to their high school graduation, with continued emphasis in English as a second language.

In order for our students to be well-immersed in society, live independently and to quickly and efficiently solve problems, we have created a community for independent individuals to learn to live harmoniously together. In order to meet that demand of teaching children how to live and integrate into community, boarding rooms were completed in early 2014 for parents who want the opportunity for their children to live in school. After class students can play different sports through organized team activities with their foreign teachers.

Each student in the Blue Sky Academy system is the ethical individual who learns how to love, understand sympathy, and to live responsibly:

• All students are artists who understand the world and is interested in life and expanding his or her intellectual capacity. 

• By equipping our students with skill and knowledge, they are ready for a constantly changing life, full of challenges, advancements.

• Students are nurtured with sense of responsibility for themselves, their families, their communities and the world.

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