Admissions Process


Admissions Process

Step 1: Consultation

Parents will be consulted directly at the school office on curriculum, teaching staff, facilities, fees regulations, services. All questions are also answered any via emails, phones, or our website at

Step 2: Enrollment Documents

Parents who want their kids to study at BSA can come and see the accounting department to pay the application fee and get the enrollment application forms provided by the school.

Parents then complete and submit the enrollment registration dossier which comprises:

- Admission application (form of school)

- A copy of the student"s birth certificate

- Transcript, the students’ transcript of the last 02 years (for elementary school)

- The certificate of completion of five-year-old kindergarten program (for students starting grade 1)

- Health certificate

- A photocopy of the identity card / passport of the father and mother

- 04 passport photos of students

- Admission fee receipt.

Step 3: Interview, entrance exam, placement

All students enrolled at BSA are required to interview and placement test input to correspond to the current level and the need to learn English. The admission staff will directly contact the students or parents within 04 days after receiving the enrollment registration.

The placement test results will be informed within 02 days. And all students meet all school requests need to continue the 4th step.

Step 4: Payment of fees

Parents can visit the accounting department to get a full fee breakdown and full payment by cash or bank transfer.

Step 5: Enrollment profile completion

Parents supplement the following documents to complete the enrollment profile:

- Registration form of using the services at BSA

- Entrance exam

- Payment receipt of the prescribed fee.

Step 6: Enter

After completing the enrollment procedure, the admission department will send parents the invitation to enter the enrollment and the academic timetable. On the enrollment date, the admissions staff will guide parents all the details on how to log in to the student"s account on the website

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