Message from the Principal


Message from the Principal

From the day we started in June 2010 until now, June 2017, Blue Sky Academy has gone through an unforgettable 7-year journey. All school levels, including Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools, have seen numerous opportunities and challenges and gained great achievements along the way. We feel very fortunate for the chance to recall such moments in this yearbook. Each page is a celebration of teachers and students, of the rst generation of BSA.

Blue Sky Academy is a dream school for all staff , teachers, and parents. But, most importantly, it is a limitless blue sky where students can let their dreams y, freely play while learning, learn while playing, discover their aptitudes, and develop their talents.

Blue Sky Academy o ers a unique, integrated curriculum, perfectly combining the programme of Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) with the world renowned programme Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Some key guidelines for our education program are as follows:

  • Let students at all levels explore the world around them. From Primary school, students are encouraged to ask questions and carry out their own research before arriving to class.
  • Learn by asking questions, searching for answers and writing down the results.
  • Embrace a hollistic development, both physical and cognitive, of the body and the mind.
  • Shape student characters in the teaching and learning of every school subject, allowing them to grow in all qualities: moral, intellectual, aesthetic and physical.
  • Ensure students know their mother tongue, so they understand their motherland and the Vietnamese people. And, from an early age, teach every student English as a second language so they can gain access to global knowledge.
  • Increase practical learning of any subject through the use and application of science and information technology.
  • Participate in all extracurricular, outdoor and social activities in order to foster personality development. Teachers and students never stop improving their own communications skills and through the activities inside and outside the classroom, they strengthen the bond among themselves.

Blue Sky Academy will continue to post information about development plans, achievements on the school website (, so parents and visitors can stay up to date on our progress.

We are delighted to welcome all parents, teachers and staff as an inseparable part in the development of the Blue Sky Academy. 

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