Admission Open for the Academic year 2021-2022


Blue Sky Academy provides students with a solid foundation by delivering a harmonious combination of 3 programmes: the National Education Programme, the Cambridge International Programme and the Comprehensive Development Programme as well, preparing them to be successful in life and higher education whilst preserving Vietnamese values.

From the day of operation in June 2010 until now, Blue Sky Academy has gone through an unforgettable journey. All school levels, including Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school have seen numerous opportunities and challenges and gained great achievements along the way. 

For the upcoming academic year 2021-2022, the school is looking for new students at following level:

1. Grades 2-3 years | Preschool:

- Number of available seats: 36 children / 2 classes;

- Admission requirements: Placement interview.

2. Grade 1 | Primary:

- Number of available seats: 48 students / 03 classes;

- Conditions for admission:

  • Completed the 5-year programme at Kindergarten;
  • Placement interview (in Vietnamese and English) if participating in the Pre-Primary program at Blue Sky;
  • Check Placement capacity (in Vietnamese, Math and English subjects) if enrolling after August 1, 2021.

3. Grade 1 | Cambridge International Programme:

- Number of available seats: 16 students / 01 class;

- Conditions for admission:

  • Completed the 5-year programme at Kindergarten;
  • Placement interview (in English);

4. Grade 6 | Secondary

- Number of available seats: 36 students / 02 classes;

- Conditions for admission:

  • Considering the test scores for Math and Vietnamese (not rounded) at the end of the 2nd and 5th semesters Primary school in the city;
  • Examination of English language proficiency (writing and interview) for students who have not completed the Primary program at BSA.

In addition, BSA continues to recruit additional mid-level classes.

Please contact 0238 357 9779/0238 357 9559 or go directly to BSA Office at Block 3 - Ward Le Loi - Vinh City for more details.

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