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Founder's Message

Blue Sky Academy - A Dream School

Nghe An is known nationwide as a “land of study” where “scholars” are trained.

Integrating into the new trend of “globalization”, we should not train “study machines” but should construct a comprehensive educational strategy for human beings in order to increase human capital, promote economic growth, and facilitate social development.

In order to improve pre-school and primary education and set a firm foundation for the future of a person’s life, it is important to raise the quality of children education and care and develop and cultivate talents. Pre-school and primary education is also a favourable environment for teachers to enhance their expertise and “set a firm foundation” for society.

Based on UNESCO’s educational criteria:

  • To learn to know
  • To learn to do
  • To learn to live
  • To learn to live together
BLUE SKY ACADEMY was established to provide a good environment and opportunity for children in their wonder years to study, play, discover innate abilities, and develop intelligence.

With well-equipped, clean, pleasant, and well-aired facilities, the school will be a common house for children.

With a team of dedicated teachers, the school will be a nursery garden your children’s talents.

With the Montessori method, students learn not only from their teachers but also their friends. Teachers will also learn much from their students.

With a language environment taught by native teachers, children will familiarize themselves with English (a global language) starting from their first letters and phrases.

The bright blue sky (Blue Sky Academy) will be the place for children’s dreams to soar (flying dreams) and for all teachers and staff to employ and contribute their full talents.

A friendly school, a dream school for all parents, has opened in Vinh city and is currently welcoming all children, teachers and individuals invested in HUMAN CULTIVATION.

Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh
Principal of Blue Sky Academy