Primary Level (from grade 1 to grade 5)


Primary Level (from grade 1 to grade 5)

Primary Level (from grade 1 to grade 5)

Blue Sky Academy combines teaching courses regulated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education with an English program taught by native speakers in the following subjects: English, Math, and Science. In addition to the main curriculum our students have an opportunity to advance their studies through dancing, music, art or through participation in Organ, our art and choir club. The program comprises a comprehensive curriculum which prepares students for their higher education right from primary division, building upon a solid base of academics, understanding and a sense of beauty and technology. In conjunction with academics our students understand the importance of good physical and mental training habits and humane acts. Diving into an exciting learning environment, alongside our native English-speaking teachers, students are encouraged to discover their world, develop intellectual and social skills, improve their critical and reasoning skills, and present their ideas confidently and creatively.

In the Primary program, students’ progress is measured through international and standardized Cambridge Checkpoint exams on a regular basis, which is conducted by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Why parents should choose Primary program at BSA?

• Modern facilities. Classrooms are designed to best fit a range of ages

• Low teacher-to-student ratio: 10-16 students/class. Students have the opportunity to work closely with their teachers with a focus on individual development and teamwork.

• Our bilingual program focuses on students as the subjects of learning and discovery. Periodical Cambridge Checkpoint exams comprehensively evaluate students in three subjects: English, Science, Math. Blue Sky Academy students are now competing with other students internationally through standardized Cambridge International Examination (CIE) standards.

• Students are relieved of the pressure to learn: through the completion of homework in class and ensuring that all textbooks and notebooks remain at school.

• After school, students engage in various extracurricular activities to enhance their problem-solving skills.

• Handful of excursions and community services help students sharpen their life skills and sense of community

• Nutritious meals are suitable for all ages (6 meals/day) and students may serve themselves with their own interest. 

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