Kindergarten Division (From 2-6 years old)


Kindergarten Division (From 2-6 years old)

In 2010, Blue Sky Academy welcomed our first generation of students, ranging in age from 2 to 6 years old. Blue Sky Academy has heavily invested in a strong infrastructure, which is designed for students to discover, grow, and enhance their skills in a state-of-the-art learning environment.

Blue Sky Academy continues its mission of developing our students’ awareness from their very first years to build a foundation for next level of learning.

Philosophy behind Kindergarten education.

• We believe that each of our students has a unique learning style and provide proper assistance in their personal growth. 

• We carefully nurture and highly value different cultural backgrounds through our emphasis on cooperation and positive attitudes to others.

• We believe that students best absorb knowledge through proactive learning, realistic experiences and working as a team to discover their surrounding world.

• We believe that family is a critical factor and work as equal partners to better students’ lives.

Blue Sky Academy’s Kindergarten Division provides a proactive learning environment for students between the ages of 3 and 5. Our teachers create innovative activities to motivate student to discover their independence.

Our purpose is to work alongside parents to bring the best out of our students by respecting them as young adults. Blue Sky Academy utilizes the Montessori method to complete our mission through igniting our students’ passion and fostering a sense of independence and respect for others.

Over the decades, although our philosophy of education has been constantly challenged, Blue Sky holds our firm belief that a good education focuses on developing our student’s self-esteem in an open and welcoming environment. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between playing and learning, providing the necessary foundation for students to succeed in the next phases of their education

Students develop their awareness by identifying objects, subjects and situations through engaging classroom activities. We believe that discovery is essential in the learning process because engaging students allows them to grow physically, emotionally and intellectually.

By observing how our students interact with each other, teachers can better evaluate their abilities to instruct, respond and “learn to play, play to learn” with other students. At Blue Sky Academy our kindergarteners are exposed to the English at a young age with the assistance of native English speaking instructors. Students can sing, play and discover the world through animated indoor and outdoor classroom activities.

Blue Sky Academy teachers are enthusiastic, dedicated and encourage laughter in every single class.

We want both our students and their parents to experience the great opportunities available at Blue Sky Academy

Why parents should choose Blue Sky Academy?

• Modern facilities

• Low student to teacher ratio, all Blue Sky Academy classes have students of varying ages with the student to teacher ratio being 6 students/1 teacher or 8 students/1 teacher 

• Dining options are nutritious and carefully chosen to suit different ages (6 meals/day including the main and appetite dishes)

• Hygiene is guaranteed. All clothes are regularly washed and ironed every day for each of our students

• All of our teachers are highly experienced in the areas of developing our students’ critical thinking abilities

• An exciting and engaging environment, we believe that “to learn is to play, to play is to learn” through interactive games and activities. 

• We offer indoor and outdoor classes in both the morning and the afternoon.

• Students have the opportunity to go camping every 3 months

• We utilize the Montessori method of education

• Students are exposed to English as early as two-years old

• Parents can monitor their child’s learning online through our system of cameras for kids’ daily activities

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