7th Festival - mentioned summertime folk beliefs of Vietnam was chosen as the day BSA held Dinh Dau spring 2017.... More

Christmas show 2016


Celebrate Christmas show... More

The ceremony took place a short, solemn, with the participation of the parents and all the teachers and ...... More

The teacher responded well Preschool Teacher holidays with the contest "Design of teaching".... More

Super Kids


The movement games, extremely smart wisdom, humor and fun... More

"The teacher in the eyes of the stars that are so beautiful, so cute!".... More

Violympic Contest


The Violympic Contest... More

Halloween Show 2016


White ghosts did not limit the creativity of the students... More

Autumn is a fairy full moon, the lion dance drums in groups, is brilliant lantern on small roads, the laughter ...... More

2016 summer course lasts 8 weeks for students Kindergarten block, block 6 weeks for Primary, Secondary School ...... More

Dated 05.09.2016 morning, Blue Sky Academy schools have long held a ceremony of the new academic year 2016-2017.... More

Family picnic


This morning, the BSA had a family picnic in Central Park Vinh City very interesting and impressive... More

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