The Kindergarten students had enjoyed a memorable outside trip at the beginning of the Spring...... More

Life Skills Week


Life Skills Week for Primary and Secondary began on 06 January and finished on 11 January.... More

The Christmas Concert 2019 took place on the evening of December 24, gave a meaningful Christmas gift to all of the audience and parents.... More

Science Fair 2019


Science Fair The First was held at Blue Sky Academy in the morning of December 7, 2019... More

The BSA's got Talent Final Roundtook place on 29 November 2019 with a total of 7 atcs.... More

We Master 2019


WE Master 2019 - a competition was held on 20 November to celebrate the Teacher's day - brought a lot of joy and fun to BSA's teachers and staffs.... More

Halloween 2019


The Halloween 2019 season at BSA ended on October 31.... More

Students in grades 4 - 10 challenged themselves to the first English Language Olympics (STEM) competition on Monday (October 15).... More

A Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) has just passed completely at BSA.... More

The Opening Ceremony of the Academic year 2019-2020 was officially held on 5th September, 2019.... More

With so many activities, Summer School 2019 at Blue Sky Academy is ready to say goodbye.... More

Sports Day 2019


Sports Day of Kindergarten is held on Friday 12 July...... More

On Wednesday 10 July, the Primary and Secondary participated in extracurricular activities at a popular place in the city - Mega Market.... More

Week 3 and Week 4 - The Kindergarten Summer Program with the theme "Sea Fashion" has been summed up by one day - picnic - foreign is very impressive and fun.... More

Colorful city


City tour in Summer weeks themed "Where we live"...... More

Summer cuisine


To closed the first topic of Summer School 2019 - "Summer Cuisine", the Preschool students had a memorable Friday with lots of experiences and joys.... More

The most intense in the past days was a trip to Bai Lu - the first one of Summer School 2019.... More

The main activities of the event Ceremony of the Sky Sky Academy's 2018-2019 school year is held on 25/5/2019.... More

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