Colors of Christmas

20-12-2018 News

Dear friends, the Christmas season is finally upon us, with the lights, Christmas trees, and cheer are all over. The whole BSA seems covered in tiny white or colored lights; they are winking from almost every house on every street. The deep green Christmas trees are covered in them, and the brightly colored ornaments hanging on the trees reflect their soft glow. Presents are heaped under the tree, the bright colors of the wrapping paper calling to the lucky person whose name is written on the tag. 

Yesterday, we all together created beautiful pictures to welcome Christmas.

With the support of the teachers with all kinds of materials such as color paper, watercolor, powder color, clay, wool, cotton, rags, buttons ... each layer together to create one big pictures, expressing dreams, impressive images of Christmas.

And, you know, the paintings of class 5A and 2A won the first prize; Works of class 4A, 3B won the second prize; The third prize was awarded to the 5B, 4B, 5C, 3A, 2B classes!

First Prize: Grade 5A

First Place: Class 2A

Second Prize: Grade 4A

Second Prize: Grade 3B

We wish you all the best joy, happiness and love this holiday season. And look forward to seeing you in Blue Sky’s biggest concert of the year - "SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS" - which will be held in the night of Christmas Day 24 December!

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