My Story 2018

17-11-2018 News

Continuing the success of My Story 2017, the BSA preschool group held My Story contest on November 16, 1818 as an activity to celebrate Vietnam Teachers Day on November 20.

The contest is a playground for children. The kindergarten shows the ability to perform the stage in two categories: singing, English song play for children Kindergarten and Drama for Kindergarten children.

This year, with more than the teachers' investment in screenplay, acting as well as costumes, nine class collectors have brought great performances, demonstrating their stage presence far beyond the stage. age of children


Class 5B first prize with the play "Our wisdom here".

Grade 3B co-prize with the play "Two brothers story"

Class 5A - Second Prize with the play "Little Red Riding Hood"

Grade 4A - Second Prize with the play "The Shepherd Boy"

Class 2A - Second Prize with the song "If you are happy and you know it"

Class 5C - Third Prize with the play "The Accumulation of Red Monkey"

Grade 4B - Third Prize with a play "The elephant watching elephants"

Class 3A - Third prize with his story "Little Red Riding Hood"

Class 2A - Third Prize with "Gummy Bear"

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