Hallow Fairy

02-11-2018 News

This year's Blue Sky Academy's Halloween Festival has a rather interesting theme: Hallow Fairy - re-enact the famous fairytale of Vietnam and the world in the Halloween style.

Opening Ceremony of Foreign Teacher and Gifted Teacher

The program will take place on October 31st - as usual - with two separate performances for the kindergarten (in the afternoon) and the upper school (evening).

MC Phuong Chi

German German

MC Minh Bao

Each class will perform a maximum of five minutes to demonstrate the ability to design costumes, make-up and performances under the theme Hallow Fairy - The Garden of Horrors. Classes have invested heavily in costumes, costumes and scripts and have given audiences a great performance.

Results: In the Preschool, class 5C won the first prize, class 5B and 2A won the second prize, class 5A and 4A won the third prize. In class, 7D and 2E won first place, 6D and 1G won the second prize, 2F and 9D won the third prize.

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