Painting competition theme "Family"

24-10-2018 News

During the week celebrating the Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20, the pre-school group organized the first painting contest with the theme "Family".

Just in the right 40 minutes, with colorful pens and white paper, the large kindergarten students, Miss Creation have created the picture is very cute, lovely and no less "professional".

The competition has given the highest award for pictures showing rich imagery, solid layout arrangements, cute drawings and creative coloring skills.

Kindergarten prizes are as follows:

Collective: 1st prize - grade 5B; second prize - class 5C and third prize - class 5A;

First Class: Class 5B

Second Place: Class 5C

Third Prize: Class 5A


First prize - Nguyen Khanh Vy (5B)

Second prize - Nguyen Nhan Nhi (5C)

Second prize - Le Nhue Ngan (5C)

Second prize - Cao Chu Minh Ngoc (5C)

Second prize - Nguyen Ngoc Minh Chau (5A)

Third Prize - Ngo Tri Khang (5B)

Third prize - Tran Tue Sang (5B)

Third prize - Nguyen Trong Quang (5C)

Kindergarten children missed conquering the viewer with simple lines that are fun, showing the lovely story of his family.

Kindergarten prizes are as follows:

First Class: Class 4A

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