Goodbye, BSA!

01-08-2018 News

Time can never return and break up is probably the hardest word in every human life. But when school days are approaching, I suddenly want to say the words of the 12 students in the 9D class (2010 - 2018) with their second home - Goodbye, BSA!

It may be hard to have any school but the students stick to 8 years as Blue Sky. Starting from the first days, our class has always been called senior, elder. As the first batch of students to reach the first grade, first grade and sixth graders, we are proud to be the first 9th grade with a lot of achievements.

Hanh often says, "When you study here, you are proud of BSA. She hopes that, as adults, BSA will always be proud of her children. "Her words, the expectations of parents, teachers and above all, the desire to prove their own power. I have urged us to constantly try, constantly learning and touching the merits of merit: Taking part in provincial contest excellent students, two friends Vu Tran Dung and Dam Minh Khoi won the second prize and third prize; The second semester examination was conducted in four subjects: Math, Biology, Literature and Citizenship, with an average grade of 7.49. We represented Blue Sky in second place in 28 junior high schools. of the city; and the most recent entrance exam in the 10th grade in the school year 2018-2019, the class has three students to Phan Boi Chau School (Dam Minh Khoi, Le Hoang Lam, Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc), one student to school Specialized in Vinh University (Tran Le Loc Nguyen), 3 students were admitted to Huynh Thuc Khang School (Dang Duc Anh, Nguyen Ha Khanh Linh, Tran Thi Phuong Nhung); Two of you passed the FPT high school (Vu Tran Dung, Nguyen Ha Anh Thu); Mr. Tran Khanh Ly chose to study at GIS Hanoi; Nguyen Truong Nguyen will study in Australia; in which Mr. Dam Minh Khoi and Mr. Le Hoang Lam also won the scholarships worth up to 100% from TH School.

12 friends - 12 personalities - 12 people may have chosen for themselves different paths have beside and share with me how sad of the students, have you been with me 8 years, also you It's only been a few months, but our efforts, our achievements today, are dedicated to our parents, our teachers, the school we cherish. Will remember the study, the teasing, the smile and tears of farewell, the final closing ceremony. I will also remember the faces of my friends, my teachers, my ancestors, my staffs, my classmates, my classmates, because this place is part of my heart that gave me the start. It's a saying that every student we memorize is a better start.

Goodbye - Blue Sky! Please send back the gratitude to teachers, the staff staff have accompanied and caring for children over the past time; send back here the desire for further success of the school. See you again love!

From 9D with love

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