An unforgettable moment

06-07-2018 News

On the morning of July 5, 1818, the kindergarten children had an enjoyable picnic at the golf course and Cua Lo beach.

Sitting on the electric cars around the golf course, the children enjoy watching the flowers bloom on the lake. The breeze and the sprinkles suddenly changed direction to help the car cooler in the summer sun.

Soapy bubbles quickly burst as 2 or 3-year-olds raised their hands excitedly. The boys cheerfully followed, passed along and picked up the colorful balls.

In the afternoon, all in the sea. Nature is more like a teacher and students than the creation of small pools from the mudflats. The children struggling to fight, play in the cool water and participate in the game with sand laughter.

A picnic with nature, with green meadows, with wide canopy of shady trees, back to the sea, white sand beach with waves whispering. See you in the next activities.

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