BSA UK Summer Study Program

18-07-2017 News

During the summer of 2017, the BSA organized a group of 12 students participating in the English General Program at Bosworth Independent College, UK. The program started on July 1st and will last until August 1, The first two weeks have passed quickly.

In the first two weeks, in addition to the main task of learning English everyday in the cradle of the English language with Bosworth's experienced teaching staff, students are engaged in a variety of interesting activities: Create art, play sports, watch movies, party weekend. Also visit the famous sites of England such as Oxford University, Stratford City, Alton Tower Park, outdoor area in Grendon.

On the 5th day of week 2 , along with all summer camp students, BSA students have done well on the regular test. The highest grade in the school is Minh Khoi (98/100). Also with a very high score, 37/40, Hoang Lam was recruited to a higher level class. Besides, Van Minh has won the Gold Star as a reward for excellence in the 2 weeks of studying English here. BSA students were highly appreciated by teachers for their mentality and academic ability.

Also, on Friday evening , the children participated in the Talent Show, singing talents, dancing, reading poetry, playing musical instruments ... with international friends. Mr. Tran Tran Dung won the second prize for piano recital in this evening.

Just two weeks left, all of you in the group began to feel the time is running so fast, you will soon end your 4 week course at Bosworth. The children are taking advantage of the time to accelerate, strive for the best results in this summer study 2017.

[Photos by Jerry Chen]

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