Love your hometown

03-07-2017 News

This week BSA children enjoyed a picnic at the golf course and Cua Lo beach.

Early in the morning, the children were extremely eager, fast food to board the school bus. Sitting on electric cars running around the golf course, the babies enjoy watching the wildflowers by the lake, the green trees spreading long balls along the flat winding road. After a moment's rest, the children quickly grab the golf clubs and listen to the instructors who teach them how to hold the club, watch the hole and hit the ball. The applause and applause echoed each time they hit the ball long. The smaller children enjoy holding the basket running to the yard to pick up the ball. "What do you hold the basket for?" "Go pick up your eggs" ... A feeling of peace and happiness when watching your ball on the green grass. In the afternoon, cool weather enthusiastically supports teachers and students BSA. All in the sea. The eyes, the cheery smile of the children when they are struggling to wave with waves, play with smooth sand and colorful shellfish. The children like to play in the game such as building sand castle, sandwiches, get water to the shore ... The vast blue ocean, the waves fluttering, the laughter constantly makes travel Sea for the first time with friends with her teachers more fun and memories.

Goodbye week with the theme "Vietnam Beauty" with a nice picnic. We look forward to the next activity offline!

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