The closing ceremony of the academic year 2016-2017

27-05-2017 News

This year's Blue Sky Academy summation was held on the evening of May 26th, with the theme "Vietnam - My Homeland", aiming to arouse love of homeland in each student. This is a very significant topic in the context of BSA has officially become Cambridge International School in February/2017 - the school wants Blue Sky students on the way of international integration is always deeply aware. Roots of roots, proud and promoters of culture, history as well as human voice of Vietnam.

The first part of the ceremony is an art performance consisting of 12 performances by over 330 students performing in many genres such as folk dance, contemporary dance, dance, dance, dance, etc.

The program begins with the singing of praise of the country's deepest, earnest, flying through the classic song of the late musician Pham Duy. Following are the characteristic images of Vietnam that appear miraculously and intricately with beautiful ball dance on the background song "Vietnam my hometown". The series then painted a romantic Vietnamese countryside scene with the story of Tấm - Cám, a green meadow with yellow flowers and rice fields with aromatic rice fields and a white heron leaning in a dream dream. Of a son who left the country. Preschool students appear in military music, recreating images of majestic soldiers in the national heroic resistance. Audiences continue to be led by BSA actors along the journey along the country, from the northwestern mountain with the H'mong girl boys are in the festive season, to the Central with great image Uncle Ho and Bright, swept into the South with a special dances festival. The program closes with a fresh, modern and youthful sound, symbolizing future generations through the image of the beautiful Vietnamese girl in the traditional ao dai, through the image of active boys Earnestly Saigon - Hanoi proud voice about the country towards friends in Europe. The song "I am Vietnamese!" Is proud to make a beautiful and emotional ending to the program.

Immediately after the art program was the ceremony to honor the collectives and individuals who have made outstanding progress in the 2016-2017 school year.

Excellent class awards, excellent teamwork, excellent staff-teachers and students, excellent students have been given to the rightful owners.

All BSA students also took turns in the name and went on stage to receive certificates of merit and rewards for their efforts during the past school year.

With a finely organized and informal closing ceremony, Blue Sky Academy's 2016-2017 academic year ended successfully. See your students in the upcoming Summer School!

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