Eco Fashion Show

09-05-2017 News

Preschool students attended the Eco Fashion Show to finish the theme of the school year - "Water and Nature." Natural materials and waste materials such as grass, trees, flowers, leaves, old newspapers, glasses, old plastic bottles ... through the creativity without borders and skillful hands of the teachers have become. Into lively, unique and eye-catching costumes.

The audience was very surprised and surprised by the steps on the runway as professional models of the baby. There are probably no models that can make the costume more beautiful, shimmering, better convey the meaning of the contest than these angels.

The competition ended with first place in class 5B, second prize in class 3C and third in class 3B. In addition, couples 5B and 3C also won the "Best Couple" award. Congratulations to all!

The kids are small but you know how to do small things together to create a green and clean environment. BSA teachers are very happy to be able to create activities and useful playgrounds to help them better understand the theoretical lessons that teachers have taught.

Protect the living environment, dispel the gloomy black, paint the green colors for Mother Nature. Please love to try it out!

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