Final of contest contest 2017

09-05-2017 News

BSA has provided seventh and eighth graders with the opportunity to present their knowledge, debate and view issues in a multidimensional way through the 2017 School Debate Competition.

Following the success of the qualifiers and the semi-finals, the final of the competition was held on Friday (05/05/2017) with the theme of social concern. At the present moment - Should there be a gap between parent and child?

Throughout the intense and dramatic competition, Ngoc Long, Quynh Huong, Trong Nghia, Quoc Viet - Team 4 won the first prize and Hoang Lam, Anh Thu, Hong Ngoc, Duc Tai won the prize. Second place of the competition is extremely worthwhile.

Come see this exciting playground in the 2017-2018 school year with more exciting topics!

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