2017-2018 debate contest

17-04-2017 News

Starting from the date 31.03.2017, the contest was first DISCUSSION GROUP BSA organization has gradually become a familiar playground for students in grades 7, 8 classes of secondary school premises.

Inspired by the format of the program School Teen educational channel VTV7 and put in the appropriate content to students Secondary school, this is the contest helps students practice presentation capabilities, eloquence, skill teamwork and recognize a multidimensional problem. 4 theme is given the qualifier respectively: Study, love school, Internet and clubs in schools; two teams played Supporters and Opposition will in turn express their views through 3 turns speaking Put common platform (3 minutes), Dig argument and criticism (3 minutes) and summary of the thesis (4 minute). 4 qualifying match found 4 teams played outstanding in the semi-finals:

- Team 1: Hoang Lam Duc Tai, Hong Ngoc Anh Thu

- Team 3: Ngoc Long, Quynh Huong, Korea Vietnam, Trong Nghia

- Team 4: School Nguyen Minh Khoi, Landscape Dung, Bui Duc

- Team 6: Loc Nguyen, Ha Linh Dinh Nam, Lantian

Let's wait first semifinal with Homework topic between Team 1 and Team 6 to find out represents the final step of the Contest measures 2016-2017 school year nhé!

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