23-11-2021 News

❤️ After nearly a week of launching, the "TO MY WOMEN 2021" contest received 162 entries from all grades.

🏆🥇 And here are the winners:

🎨 Painting Category for Grades 1-2-3:

- First Prize: Pham Le Ngoc Anh (Class 3E)

- Second Prize: Doan Quynh Anh (1D Class) and Pham Nguyen Phuc Dat (2D Class)

- Third Prize: Bach Phuong Anh (Grade 1E) and Nguyen Bao Anh (3D Class)

💌 Writing Category for Grades 4-5-6:

- First Prize: Nguyen Gia An (4D Class)

- Second Prize: Nguyen Le Phuong Thao, Mai Minh Anh and Nguyen Phuong Tue Minh (Grade 4F)

- Third Prize: Nguyen Canh Kien (Grade 4F)

📇 Designing Category for Grades 7-8-9

- First Prize: Bui Khanh Lam (8D Class)

- Second Prize: Nguyen Thi Le Na (Grade 8D)

- Third Prize: Hoang Le Chi (Grade 8D)

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