Overcoming the epidemic, engaging online learning!

05-09-2021 News

With a special opening ceremony on television this morning, the school year 2021-2022 has officially started in Nghe An for all students from Grade One and up. With the epidemic situation likely to be prolonged, the education sector of the province has determined to implement the motto "stop going to school but not stop learning", deploying online teaching for all schools.

During the last 2 weeks, even though the students didn't go to school, BSA's teachers still interacted with the students daily, keeping them order and study habits. Moreover, the children have been gradually transformed from face-to-face to online learning activities, starting to get used to using computers or phones to participate in online classes and have made proud strides.

Combining teaching and creative activities, teachers have stimulated concentration, effective learning, inspired, and helped students adapt to new circumstances.

The new school year at BSA has begun that way! Despite the lack of handshakes and pats on each other's shoulders at the school gates, online lessons still bustle with laughter through the screens.

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