27-03-2021 News

BSA Ambassador 2021 became an extra-curricular activity that attracted much attention from students and parents of Blue Sky Academy in March. 18 couples from 18 classes of the Primary and Secondary participated in the Self-Introduction, Uniform Custome, Free-Style Costume, Talent and Interview.

First Prize: Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang & Nguyen Dac Tung An (Class 8D)

Second Prize: Phan Truc Linh & Dinh Nguyen Bao Son (Class 7D)

The Thirde Place: Vương Trân Harper & Nguyễn Trần Mạnh Tân (Class 4E)

The Best Interview Award: Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang & Nguyen Dac Tung An (Class 8D)

The Best Talent Performance: Pham Binh Minh & Nguyen Dac Hoai An (Class 3E)

The top Public's vote went to Le Thanh Nguyet & Nguyen Duc Kien (Class 4D)

The Best Free-Style Custome Award: Nguyen Phuong Tue Minh & Nguyen Canh Kien (Class 3F)

The Best Uniform Custome Award: Doi Dau Thu Sang & Hoang Trong Gia Huy (class 6D).

The most Impressive Style Award: Nguyen Tran Bao Nhi & Dang Anh Tung (Class 6E).

The Best Self-Introduction: Pham Hoang Bao Nguyen & Nguyen Dac Hoai An (class 2F).

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