The Year-end Ceremony 2019-2020: Primary and Secondary

01-08-2020 News

The ceremony to honor and awarded the collective and individuals who achieved outstanding achievements of the AY 2019-2020, witnessed by numerous school parents and students especially by Mr. Tran Huu Tai - The Chairman of the Parent Association.

Outstanding Division: Primary and Secondary

Great Achievement: Support Team

Outstanding Classes: Class 2F, 4D and 8D

Outstanding teacher: Ms. Nguyen Thi Le

Great Achievement: Ms. Duong Thi Minh Nu, Ms. Tran Thi Huyen and Ms. Le Thi Tan. Good staff: Ms. Le Thi Le Sang (Kitchen Staff), Ms. Vo Thi Loan (Kitchen Staff) and Ms. Vo Thi Long (Cleaner).

Great Achievement Trainer: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hien; Mr. Le Huu Tien and Mr. Vu Xuan Trung.

17 students of the year: 1. Thai Doan Hoang Thien (1D), 2. Dinh Cu Bao Chau (1E), 3. Nguyen Bao Anh (1F), 4. Tran Xuan Bach (2D), 5. Nguyen Thao Trang (2E), 6. Nguyen Phuong Tue Minh (2F), 7. Than Ngoc Han (2G), 8. Nguyen Duc Kien (3D), 9. Le Hoang An Phong (3E), 10. Vi Gia Linh (4D ), 11. Trần Quang Mạnh (5D), 12. Đàm Thục Anh (5E), 13. Bùi Khánh Lâm (6D), 14. Nguyễn Ngọc Linh Sang (7D), 15. Nguyễn Trần Phương Nhi (8D), 16 Nguyen Minh Bao (9D), 17. Kim Soo Yeon (10D).

Outstanding students in each subject:

1. English: Nguyen Hoang Phong (1E), Le Thao Linh (2F), Nguyen Thi Ngoc Khanh (4D) and Nguyen Thi Le Na (6D).

2. Maths: Nguyen Bao Anh (1F), Nguyen Sy Quan (2F), Luong Nguyen Thanh (5E) and Nguyen Van Minh (9D).

3. Science: Nguyen Tran Dang Duy (1D), Pham Dinh Vu Phong (2E), Tran Le Gia Hung (3E) and Tran Thao Linh (9D).

4. Vietnamese: Pham Le Ngoc Anh (1F), Le Ngoc Nhi (2G) and Hoang Trong Gia Huy (5F).

5. Literature: Ngo Phuong Chi (7D).

6. Mathematics: Cao Chu Minh Ngoc (1D), Nguyen Le Phuong Thao (2D), Nguyen Quoc Kiem (5D) and Tran Gia Hung (9D).

7. Information technology: Luong Nguyen Thanh (5E) and

Pham Duc Quang (9D).

8. Physical education: Nguyen Quang Manh (5D), Nguyen Hung Dung (6D), Nguyen Sy Ngoc Sang (6D), Vo Duc Tai (9D), Phan Bui Duc (10D) and Pham Duc Quang (9D).

9. Fine Arts: Phan Nguyen Kim Ngan (4D) and Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang (7D).

10. Dance: Nguyen Tran Bao Nhi (5D) and Hoang Le Uyen My (9D).

11. Music: Dam Thuc Anh (5E).

The ceremony also congratulated the Grade 5 students graduating from Primary and said goodbye to Grade 9 and 10 as they will apply for other High School.

Interspersed with the contents of the ceremony were skillful, creative, beautiful and inspirational items performed by students.

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