Christmas show 2016

04-01-2017 News

Event celebrating Christmas and New Year annually at Blue Sky Academy would take place on December 24th 2016 in Viet Duc Children’s Cultural House with the participation of all BSA’s students. The main theme of the show was the “A Christmas Story” – a musical. It is based on the classic Christmas movie that was produced in 1983 by the MGM studio, USA.

The Musical resolves around a 10 years-old boy named Ralphie who always wanted to be a cowboy, punish thieves and protect civilians. He dreamed of owning Red Ryder BB gun – a toy that he has seen in a Trade Center. Ralphie tried to let his relatives know about a gun and hoped it would become his Christmas gift.

The musical brings audiences back to the world of childhood dreams with the heroic images, along with childish games, revoling around Ralphie’s family, friends and teachers. Most of all, the musical gave us the great humanity values of family love, especially about parent’s love to their children.

This Christmas Show has became a special spiritual present to all students’ parents with the participation of all BSA girls and boys.

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