The Year-end Ceremony 2019-2020 in BSA Kindergarten

01-08-2020 News

The ceremony to honor and awarded the collective and individuals who achieved outstanding achievements of the AY 2019-2020, witnessed by numerous school parents and students especially by Mr. Tran Huu Tai - The Chairman of the Parent Association.

Outstanding Division: KIndergarten

Outstanding Classes: Class 3A and 4B

Outstanding teacher: Ms. Nguyen Thi Theu

Great Achievement: Ms. Le Thi Quynh Trang, Ms. Ngo Ngoc Han and Ms. Thai Thi Linh

19 student of the year: 1. Nguyen Diep Chi (2A), 2. Dau Minh Duong (2B), 3. Le Anh Thu (2C), 4. Dau Ngoc An Nhien (3A), 5. Nguyen Hoang Lam (3A), 6. Phan Van Hoang Anh (3A), 7. Nguyen Khanh My (3B), 8. Phan Tran Ha An (4A), 9. Bach Phuong Anh (4A), 10. Nguyen Ba Bao Khanh (4A) ), 11. Nguyen Vu Thuc Anh (4B), 12. Dau Dang Hai (4B), 13. Hoang An Nhien (5A), 14. Nguyen Thanh Nhan (5A), 15. Cu Huynh Bao Son (5A), 16 Nguyen Huu Binh Minh (5B), 17. Cao Phan Gia My (5B), 18. Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan (5B), 19. Tom Tran Lenselink (5B)

Outstanding students in each subject:

1. English: Nguyen Hoang Lam (3A), Ho Van Minh Huy (4A), Nguyen Vu Thuc Anh (4B) and Phan Tran Diep Chi (5B).

2. Language: Nguyen Huu Binh Minh (5B)

3. Swimming: Bui Dang Khang (4B), Cu Huynh Bao Son (5A) and Pham Dinh Ma Thien (5A)

4. Dance: Tran Thi Thuy Tien (3A), Nguyen Sy Dai Phat (4A) and Ho Ngan Khanh (5B).

5. Music: Dau Dang Hai (4B).

6. Best Attendance: Ho Van Minh Huy (4A), Le Tuan Vu (4A) and Phan Tran Diep Chi (5B).

Grade 2A

Class 2B

Cl 3A

Class 3B

Grade 4A

Class 4B

Grade 5A

Class 5B

The ceremony also congratulated the 5-year-old children graduating from kindergarten.

Cute and funny music performances performed by teachers and children have brought many emotions to teachers, families and students present at the ceremony.

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