My Story 2020 at BSA

23-06-2020 News

Exciting and unique performances of drama and dance presented by Kindergarten students - the new stars have blown up an exciting and vibrant atmosphere to the My Story Contest.

Class 2A performed the song "Together we are a Family" and won the Third Place of the Competition.

"Wash your hands" by Class 2B

Class 2C performed the song "Let's count to 20".

Class 3A won the highest Place at My Story 2020 with the excellent drama "Family in Covid-19 Pandemic".

"Naughty girls" - a play by class 3B.

"Dangers around us" - by Class 4A took the Second Prize of the Contest.

A drama by Class 4B - "In a small road" - took the Second Place and the Best Script Award of the contest.

The Third Prize of My Story 2020 is the play "Sơn Tinh - Thủy Tinh" by class 5A.

"Ghen Covy" by Class 5B.

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