Christmas Concert - Believe in Miracles

28-12-2019 News

With the theme BELIEVE IN MIRACLES, more than 400 students performed their meaningful songs, dances at the stage of Blue Sky Academy. .

MC of the concert: Minh Bao (9D) and Phuong Chi (7D)

The opening performance "The Greatest Show" - Classes 8D9D10D

"Jingle Bells" - Classes 4A-4B

"I see the light" - Tue Minh (2F) & Tuong Anh (1D)

"The Little Soldiers" - Classes 2G3D

"You are my sunshine" - Ms. Thuy Linh, Dang Hai (4B) and classes 2AB

"Enter the Circus" - Classes 2E2F

"Fairy garden" - Classes 3A-3B-5A-5B

"Happy Christmas" - Le Chi (6D) & Classes 1F2D

"Fly" - Dance Club

"Never enough" - Singing Club

"Crazy morning" - Dance club

"Santa tell me" - Phuong Chi (7D), Ha Linh (6D) and Ha Ngan (5E)

"Built-in" - Classes 1D1E

"Speechless" - Thuc Anh (5E) & the Girls of classes 5DE

"Sissy that walk" - Classes 3E4D

"A gift to you" - Singing Club

"Last Christmas" - The boys of classes 5DE

"Christmas Medley" - Classes 6D7D

We live in a world filled with miracles, and We are all miracle workers. Please believe in miracles and watch them become a part of your everyday life. Just a smile, a hug, a tiny lovely flower or a little help to anyone around you… It will be a miracle.

BSA wishes you all the best joy and happiness this holiday and for the year ahead.

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