BSA's got talent Final

10-12-2019 News

There were 23 talented participants performed singing, dance and host.

NGUYEN NGAN KHANH - Class 5A - Dance

FRIENDSHIP - Grade 4A - Dance

VU HIEN ANH - Class 3B - Singing

SIX BOYS - Class 5B - Martial arts performances

NGUYEN HUU BINH MINH - Class 5B - Host a show

DAU DANG HAI - Class 4B - Singing

BABY GIRLS GROUP - Grade 5B - Dance

They did master confidence on the stage and brought many fantastic performances to spectators.

Third Prize: Nguyen Huu Binh Minh (5B) and Baby Girls Group (5B)

Second Prize (without the First Prize): Friendship group (4A)

The contest awarded the Second Prize (without the first prize) to Friendship group (4A) and the Third prize to Nguyen Huu Binh Minh (5B) and The Baby Girls (5B).

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