S.T.E.M 2019 The First Episode

02-11-2019 News

Students of grades 4 - 10 challenged themselves in the first Episode of STEM competition on Monday 14 October.

Surpassing questions about Science, Technology, English and Maths compiled by Foreign Teachers, students had the opportunity to test their knowledge, train more skills in the subjects and update lots of interesting insights.

The winners are: Tran Thai Khang's (Evan - 7D); Tran Thao Linh (Laura - 8D); Kim Soo Yeon (Gloria - 10D), Nguyen Thi Ngoc Khanh (Kelly - 4D); Hoang Trong Quan (Max - 8D), Le Trung Khanh (Alice - 7D).

Let's look forward to the second Episode STEM of Grades 1 to 3 in the theme of celebrating next month Vietnam Teachers' Day!

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