Summer cuisine

17-06-2019 News

To closed the first topic of Summer School 2019 - "Summer Cuisine", the Preschool students had a memorable Friday with lots of experiences and joys.

Shopping in Mega Market...

Perform dances and songs...

In the afternoon, it is time to process and complete the menu that the children and teachers have prepared in last 2 weeks. The salads, smoothies, juices, fruit beams seem to be the most preferred option. Along with the main dishes such as skewers, sausages, mixed fried rice, chicken porridge, drinking yogurt, sponge cake ... from the kitchen, the children had a perfect buffet to sum up 2 weeks. The first, and more special summer, to congratulate those who have birthdays in June.

We look forward to new experiences in the upcoming "Sea Fashion" theme!

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