Closing ceremony of the Academic year 2018-2019

29-05-2019 News

The ceremony took place on the morning of May 25 and was live stream on the Fanpage of Blue Sky Academy. All students were on stage, named with the title achieved in the year.

The ceremony to honor the collective and individuals with outstanding achievements in the 2018-2019 school year was held in the evening, witnessed by numerous school parents and students.

Excellent team: Class 3B, Grade 5C, class 2F, 3D class, 7D class and Primary-Secondary Division.

Outstanding Teacher: Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Trang (Preschool Teacher)

Great performance awards are belong to: Ms. Tran Thi Thoa (Primary Teacher) - Ms. Le Thi Tan (Secondary Teacher) - Ms. Vo Thi Thao - Ms. Thai Thi Linh - Ms. Nguyen Thi Trang (Preschool Teacher) - Ruslan Sikorako (English Teacher); Ms. Cao Thi Thuy (Assistant Chef) - Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong (Cleaner); Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha (Assistant Chef) - Ms. Nguyen Thi Loan (Cleaner) - Mr. Duong Xuan Tien (Security).

Outstanding students in Kindergarten: Tran Thi Thuy Tien - 2A; Dau Ngoc An Nhien - 2A; Phan Tran Ha An - 3A; Nguyen Manh Hai - 3A; Dau Dang Hai - 3B; Nguyen Vu Thuc Anh - 3B; Pham Dinh Ma Thien - 4A; Cu Huynh Bao Son - 4A; Nguyen Huu Binh Minh - 4B; Nguyen Chi Dung - 4B; Nguyen Tue Nhi - 5A; Le Yen Quynh - 5A; Ngo Tri Khang - 5B; Nguyen Trong Dat - 5B; Nguyen Xuan Thuc - 5C; Nguyen Trong Quang - 5C; Dau Tran Bao Anh - 5C.

Outstanding students in the Primary and Secondary: Tran Xuan Bach - 1D; Tran Bao Nam - 1E; Nguyen Phuong Tue Minh - 1F; Than Ngoc Han - 1G; Tran Dieu Nhu - 2D; Le Hoang An Phong - 2E; Nguyen Dinh Tuong - 2F; Vi Gia Linh - 3D; Tran Quang Manh - 4D; Dam Thuc Anh - 4E; Nguyen Tran Ai Linh - 5D; Le Thi Thuy Hang - 6D; Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang - 6D; Nguyen Ha Phuong - 7D; Nguyen Minh Bao - 8D; Nguyen Trong Nghia - 9D.

Good students in Cambridge subjects: Nguyen Sy Quan - 1F; Ngo Tran Bach - 5D; Kim Soo Yeon - 9D.

English Awards: Ho Van Minh Huy - 3A; 5 Cu; Tran Thao Linh - 8D.

Talented language students: Nguyen Xuan Thuc - 5C.

Good school students:

Literature: Le Thi Thuy Hang 6D - Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang 6D - Nguyen Tran Phuong Nhi

Mathematics: Le Huu Quoc Bao 6D; Tran Thanh Nga 6D; Nguyen Ha Phuong 7D.

Good students in Arts: Dau Dang Hai - 3B (Music); Dinh Cu Bao Chau - 5B (Music); Hoang Le Chi - 5D (Music); Nguyen Ha Phuong 7D (Music); Nguyen Ngan Khanh - 4A (Dance); Phan Thi Tram Anh - 4B (Dance); Hoang Le Uyen My - 8D (Dance); Pham Duc Quang - 8D (Dance); Nguyen Trong Quang - 5B (Fine art); Nguyen Le Hanh Nguyen - 1G (Fine art); Phan Tri Duc - 2E (Fine Arts); Nguyen Thi Le Na - 5D (Fine art); Nguyen Ngoc Linh Sang - 6D (Fine art).

Good students in Informatics: Nguyen Tien Lam - 4E; Nguyen Minh Bao - 8D; Le Ba Duc - 8D; Pham Duc Quang - 8D.

Good students in sports: Phan Viet Trieu - 2D (Swimming); Nguyen Hung Manh - 8D (Swimming); Nguyen Duc Thinh - 5A (Football); Nguyen Le Trung Hieu - 9D (Basketball); Tran Quang Manh 4D (Basketball).

Best attendance awards: Dau Ngoc An Nhien - 2A; Le Trung Hieu - 2B; Pham Dinh Ma Thien - 4A; Nguyen Phuong Thuy - 5A; Nguyen Tuan Hung - 5B; Le Ngan Ngan - 5C.

Part 3 of the Closing Ceremony is the show "Family - Stronger together". With 17 items, divided into 4 major parts: Mother - Father - Child - Our family, the program has the participation of all BSA students, has brought full feelings to the audience about the value of family for each person, especially in modern times.

The program is also a gratitude from the school, to parents, thanks to the Parents, they are always ready to give the best for their beloved children.

Many thanks tp students and parents for accompanying and supporting Blue Sky Academy throughout the 2018-2019 school year!!

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