Never stop reading


In order to foster a culture of reading in whole school, BSA held an event "Never stop reading" on Monday 22 June.... More

All of Kindergarten students participated in My Story 2020 Competition which held on 19 June.... More

Colorful Monday


BSA students had a day full of laughter and happiness on Children's Day June 1st.... More

A celebration of President Ho Chi Minh's 130th birthday was held on May 18 at Blue Sky Academy.... More

Hello Newbies!!!!


During the fisrt week after "Corona Holiday", BSA was very excited to welcome many newbies.... More

Blue Sky's students will return to school on Monday May 04, 2020 amid strict preventive measures of the coronavirus epidemic.... More

Ways to avoid being bored when you are home in social-distancing period due to Corona virus? Let follow BSAers!... More

Blue Sky Academy will be closed from Friday 7 February 2020 for the majority of students.... More

Tet Festival


Back to school from Tet Holiday - Blue Sky Academy's students had enjoyed many interesting activities.... More

The Kindergarten students had enjoyed a memorable outside trip at the beginning of the Spring...... More

Life Skills Week


Life Skills Week for Primary and Secondary began on 06 January and finished on 11 January.... More

The Christmas Concert 2019 took place on the evening of December 24, gave a meaningful Christmas gift to all of the audience and parents.... More

Science Fair 2019


Science Fair The First was held at Blue Sky Academy in the morning of December 7, 2019... More

The BSA's got Talent Final Roundtook place on 29 November 2019 with a total of 7 atcs.... More

We Master 2019


WE Master 2019 - a competition was held on 20 November to celebrate the Teacher's day - brought a lot of joy and fun to BSA's teachers and staffs.... More

Halloween 2019


The Halloween 2019 season at BSA ended on October 31.... More

Students in grades 4 - 10 challenged themselves to the first English Language Olympics (STEM) competition on Monday (October 15).... More

A Moon Festival (Mid-Autumn Festival) has just passed completely at BSA.... More

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